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We provide brain health and rehabilitation services, so people can live better lives.

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About Us

Community Rehabilitation for Brain Injury

We provide specialist rehabilitation services following a brain injury through the development and delivery of a real life community rehab programme.

Our aim is to provide a place where you can contact us and find some reassurance and support, as well as being able to dip in and out as and when you might need us.

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Bespoke Medicolegal Assessment

We will arrange a psychological assessment with one of our highly experienced Psychologists. This will help understand the impact of the trauma on all areas of your client’s life, including and the length and type of intervention that will be required.

We have skilled Psychologists that are highly experienced and qualified in neuropsychological assessment.

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Comprehensive Support & Therapies

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Tailored Treatment

We complete a specialist assessment then develop a tailored treatment package focused on the individual’s strengths.

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Neuropsychological Tests

We offer assessment services that use neuropsychological testing to assess the memory and other areas of the brain.

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Variety of Packages

We provide treatments ranging from memory and cognitive rehabilitation packages to individual talking therapies.

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Support for Families

We know that family support is crucial and give you the opportunity to speak in confidence to an experienced professional.

Our Experience

We understand the difficulties you face...

We have worked over many years with a lot of clients who are struggling with a head injury, dementia or age related changes to the brain.

Our experience of working with people facing these difficulties is that rehab and psychological treatments are essential, as they can make a real difference to their lives and those of their families.

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How We Can Help

Providing you with specialist care

We have seen the hidden disabilities that many live with and the amazing resilience that is shown in the face of real pain.

We are passionate about working creatively with individuals and their families when faced with the difficulties associated with brain injury.

Community Rehabilitation for Brain Injury


Support for Families

Meet The Team

Our Key People Working For You

Dr Clare Hilton (West)

Director of Sphere
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Katherine Dawson

Director of Sphere
Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist

Tim Pattle


Tracey Charlton


Dr. Emma Donkersley

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Carol Bolton

Clinical Psychologist

Hilary McDaid


Dr. Gemma Forshaw

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Kirsty Patterson

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jayne Jackson

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Lisa Keegan

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Rachel Whitehead

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Gina Wieringa

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Sara Appleyard

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jack Garfield

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Nicole Thomas

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Robin Colley

Clinical Psychologist

Sarah Collier

Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

Alex Nesbitt

Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

Liz Gray

Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

Ali West

Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

Asha Walker

Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

Helen Adams

Junior Rehabilitation Assistant

Lucy Reading

Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

Harry Banyard

Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

Why Our Clients Trust Us

"The staff are really polite and friendly, nothing was too much to ask, and we adopted new ways of working due to the pandemic."

Our care home worked with the Sphere team with a resident that was discharged from a local hospital, from day one the teams worked really well together, we had regular meetings to update on progress made and also strategies that worked for the staff and the resident. All the staff were really knowledgeable in their field and would happily support the care staff, I would have no hesitation in working with Sphere again.

"Their amazing positivity over the 9 months of work with him have given us both hope and optimism for the future."

The Sphere Memory and Rehabilitation Team led by Dr Katherine Dawson have offered amazing support for myself and my husband after he suffered an ABI.

"Dr. Dawson's book on ABI has also been relevant and interesting."

I am very pleased with the support I have received from the Sphere Team. They have taken time to talk to me and ask me about the problems that I'm facing and need to overcome.

"When I first met Katherine, I told her I understood her role, but that she wouldn't be able to help me."

I have never been so wrong! She has helped me realise and understand the issues caused by my brain injury, most of which I wasn't conscious of at the start. A superb listener with an understanding of my issues, which in itself provides enormous help. Being able to discuss your personal issues with someone who understands is more helpful than can be described.

"I can't make things work in my brain and it's all XXXXXX and cloudy."

Session with you (Clare) sorts my head out. I can think a bit and you get what I am saying.

"My sincere thanks go to the Sphere Memory and Rehabilitation Team member, Carol Bolton, Clinical Psychologist who delivered a professional service."

Demonstrated both patience and persistence with my client who has been extremely difficult to communicate with, due to severe psychological symptoms, however Carol did not give up on her and my client was able to make progress.

"Katherine has helped me greatly in identifying what I can still do well and how to play to these strengths in daily life."

In turn, this has helped my family in understanding why I say and do certain things and identifying strategies to cope. I now feel more hopeful about the future.