Community Rehabilitation

How We Deliver Treatment

We have experience treating individuals with a wide range of neurological conditions including traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain infections and Parkinson’s. We also work with individuals who have sustained spinal cord injuries.

Following our initial assessment (including a neuropsychology assessment where indicated), we develop a community rehab programme.

The rehabilitation may involve:

  • Cognitive Rehabilitation – this includes education regarding strengths and weaknesses in thinking and memory and development of strategies that play to people’s strengths
  • We focus on the development of habits and routines that enable individuals to engage in more meaningful roles, thereby reducing the risk of isolation and mood related difficulties
  • We look at different ways of structuring the environment to help play to people’s strengths
  • Assessments done within the community are a good way of observing an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Familiar environments can also trigger behavioural routines and boost rehab
  • We work closely with friends and family

Comprehensive Support & Therapies

We work closely with professionals to focus on developing plans to support individuals to increase independence. We also identify opportunities for vocational training and constructive use of leisure time:

Rehab Medicine Consultants

Occupational Therapists & Physiotherapists

Social Care

Continuing Healthcare Teams

Care Agencies & Support Staff

Voluntary Sector Organisations

How can rehabilitation help?

We know the brain is not like skin or bone and does not regenerate in the same way. However, there is a lot of evidence that the brain can create new connections as well as the ability to compensate for lost function by reorganising itself.

During recovery, other areas of the brain take over the activities of the damaged areas and new nerve pathways can be established using undamaged brain cells. Engaging in activity helps these alternative pathways to develop.

Rehabilitation aims to help the brain learn alternative ways of working in order to minimise the long-term impact of the brain injury. Rehabilitation also helps the survivor and the family to cope successfully with any remaining disabilities.

Outcome Report

This report was developed to highlight the positive impact of Sphere’s bespoke brain injury rehabilitation packages with the community; working with individuals, their families and health professionals to achieve best outcomes.

Download PDF

Sphere Rehabilitation Assistants

Sphere Rehabilitation Assistants are trained in the neurobehavioral model (understanding the link between brain and behaviour). They are able to provide intensive input, in order to test out what level of support an individual will need in the community. They have the flexibility to visit the client at different times of the day and this can provide the individual with the opportunity to engage with different activities. Sphere Rehabilitation Assistants are also trained in delivering real life, meaningful, thinking and memory rehab strategies.

The focus is very much on establishing a structured weekly rehab timetable (individuals learn by doing), whilst taking into account an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, thereby not over pacing but grading an appropriate level of cognitive stimulation which aids recovery.

Meet The Team

Our Key People Working For You

Dr. Clare Hilton

Director of Sphere
Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Katherine Dawson

Director of Sphere
Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist

Tim Pattle


Tracey Charlton


Dr. Emma Donkersley

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Carol Bolton

Clinical Psychologist

Hilary McDaid


Dr. Gemma Forshaw

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Kirsty Patterson

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jayne Jackson

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Lisa Keegan

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Rachel Whitehead

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Gina Wieringa

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Sara Appleyard

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jack Garfield

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Nicole Thomas

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Robin Colley

Clinical Psychologist

Sarah Collier

Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

Alex Nesbitt

Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

Liz Gray

Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

Ali West

Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

Asha Walker

Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

Helen Adams

Junior Rehabilitation Assistant

Lucy Reading

Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

Harry Banyard

Senior Rehabilitation Assistant

Why Our Clients Trust Us

"The staff are really polite and friendly, nothing was too much to ask, and we adopted new ways of working due to the pandemic."

Our care home worked with the Sphere team with a resident that was discharged from a local hospital, from day one the teams worked really well together, we had regular meetings to update on progress made and also strategies that worked for the staff and the resident. All the staff were really knowledgeable in their field and would happily support the care staff, I would have no hesitation in working with Sphere again.

"Their amazing positivity over the 9 months of work with him have given us both hope and optimism for the future."

The Sphere Memory and Rehabilitation Team led by Dr Katherine Dawson have offered amazing support for myself and my husband after he suffered an ABI.

"Dr. Dawson's book on ABI has also been relevant and interesting."

I am very pleased with the support I have received from the Sphere Team. They have taken time to talk to me and ask me about the problems that I'm facing and need to overcome.

"When I first met Katherine, I told her I understood her role, but that she wouldn't be able to help me."

I have never been so wrong! She has helped me realise and understand the issues caused by my brain injury, most of which I wasn't conscious of at the start. A superb listener with an understanding of my issues, which in itself provides enormous help. Being able to discuss your personal issues with someone who understands is more helpful than can be described.

"I can't make things work in my brain and it's all XXXXXX and cloudy."

Session with you (Clare) sorts my head out. I can think a bit and you get what I am saying.

"My sincere thanks go to the Sphere Memory and Rehabilitation Team member, Carol Bolton, Clinical Psychologist who delivered a professional service."

Demonstrated both patience and persistence with my client who has been extremely difficult to communicate with, due to severe psychological symptoms, however Carol did not give up on her and my client was able to make progress.

"Katherine has helped me greatly in identifying what I can still do well and how to play to these strengths in daily life."

In turn, this has helped my family in understanding why I say and do certain things and identifying strategies to cope. I now feel more hopeful about the future.